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Graphics Library
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* Matpack is a C++ numerics and graphics library implementing methods that are needed in a scientist's or engineer's everyday life.
* All methods and tools are implemented in native C++ using a modern object oriented style without sacrificing the performance.
* Special Functions
* FFT FHT Convolution
* Random Numbers
* Statistics
* Interpolation
* Quaternions
* Integration
* Differential Equations
* Vector/Matrix Algebra (optionally using BLAS)
* Bit Arrays
* Cryptography
* Many Non-Numerical Algorithms
* 3D Render engine
* Image Manipulation Library
* Lambert Shading
* Contour Plots
* Density Plots
* Box Plots
* Image Plots
* Field Plots
* 3D Surface Plots
* 3D Histograms
* 3D Slice Plots
* 3D Isosurface Plots
* 3D Parametric Surfaces
* Xmatrix - A powerful 2D/3D Data Visualization Tool
* Table of Elements Browser
* Multifractal Analyzer
* Fractal Generator
* MpWindow - Graphical User Interface API Library
* Online Nuclear Data Tables
* Online Table of Elements
* Online BLAS Documentation
Matpack is available under the GPL.

Matpack is currently used at many universities and institutes.

Matpack is used in commercial products.

Matpack runs on Linux, various Unix platforms, and on Windows using Cygwin.

Matpack is continuously extendend and improved since 1991.

1 May 2012: Release 1.9.1 is a maintenance release, which fixes compilation probles with C++11 standard complient compilers
(e.g. GNU 'g++ -ansi -std=c++0x'). Compilation with the 64-bit memory model (e.g. GNU 'g++ -m64') is now supported.

Development of the major release 2.0 is ongoing.

matpack-gpl-1.9.1.tgz  (zipped tar archive)

MD5 checksum: 8660e307395200dfc07881487d72a144
Unpack the archive: tar xvzf matpack-gpl-1.9.1.tgz
Read file matpack/INSTALL
The documentation can be found in

 Copyright (C) 1991-2013 by Berndt M. Gammel
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