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Install gcc/g++ 4.7.2 on Cygwin

is a synchronous stream cipher supporting the key lengths of 80 bits and 128 bits, respectively. ACHTERBAHN-128 is downward compatible and can produce the same keystream as ACHTERBAHN-80 if so desired.

Max. key size80 bit128 bit
Max. IV size80 bit128 bit
Internal state297 bit351 bit
Frame length244 bit244 bit

The Achterbahn stream cipher is optimized for hardware applications with restricted resources, such as limited gate count and power consumption. An implementation of ACHTERBAHN-80 has a design size of only 2188 gate equivalents (Nand-GE) for throughputs upto 400Mbit/s and is suited for RFID tags. A high-speed implementation with a throughput of 8 Gbit/s has a design size of 8651 Nand-GE, see [Ref.].

Achterbahn is a joint work of Berndt Gammel, Rainer Göttfert and Oliver Kniffler.

Read  also the Wikipedia article.

 Copyright (C) 1991-2013 by Berndt M. Gammel
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