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Specification of ACHTERBAHN-128/80

Berndt M. Gammel, Rainer Göttfert and Oliver Kniffler:
ACHTERBAHN-128/80, 30. June 2006,
ECRYPT Stream Cipher Project Report
Reference and optimized implementation (zip archive):
Note, that the maximum frame length recommendations for Achterbahn-128 and Achterbahn-80 have been changed to 244 bit.

Additional Information:

R. Göttfert and B. M. Gammel:
On the frame length of Achterbahn-128/80,
In: Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Information Theory Workshop on Information Theory for Wireless Networks, July 1-6, 2007, Solstrand, Norway, (T. Helleseth, V. Kumar, and Ø. Ytrehus, eds.), pp. 91-95, ISBN 1-4244-1199-8, IEEE 2007.
B. M. Gammel, R. Göttfert, and O. Kniffler:
Achterbahn-128/80: Design and Analysis,
In: Workshop Record of The State of the Art of Stream Ciphers - SASC 2007, (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2007), pp. 152-165, available at
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